21 days gratitude challenge

Invitation for 21 Days Gratitude Challenge

This 21 days gratitude challenge is inspired by Mr. Shawn Achor‘s talk on re-wiring your brain.

According to Mr. Shawn “If you can raise your level of positivity, then your brain experiences a HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE.”

“Your brain at positive performs significantly better (31% better) than it does at negative, neutral or stressed. Your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, and your energy levels rise.”

It‘s a fantastic challenge but at the same time simple enough to make big difference. So send an invitation for 21 Days Gratitude Challenge to your friend, peer, colleague, relative you care for. You yourself can take this challenge by sending an invitation to yourself.

For completing the challenge, the candidate has to daily i.e. for 21 continuous has to spend few minutes and post things for which he/she feel grateful. These small blessings or gratitude will be published in his/her 21 days gratitude timeline.

At the end of the challenge

  1. The challenge will revitalize and nourish his/her life with a new energy.
  2. The challenge will give a new perspective or help him/her to see the brighter side of life.
  3. One who has sent the invitation may have a chance to win a surprise gift from PepperSmile, if his/her invitee completes the challenge.

So why to miss a golden opportunity send an invite to you friends or to yourself.